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What Should You Look for in Home Security?

eyeA security system is only as good as its weakest link. How long the security company has been in business should be a vital part of the decision making process when choosing a company to install your system. Founded in 1988 we are one of the oldest locally owned and operated security and home automation companies, in Kansas.

Today's alarms are far more superior that those that were available in years past. But the reputation of the company that installs and services the system must be impeccable. JC Security Systems, Inc. has trained, certified installation and service technicians. All our employees are bonded to ensure the utmost quality of staffing for our customer's safety quality assurance. Education is ongoing so that our staff is always up-to-date on the latest technological advances in the industry. We are members of the National Burglar and Fire Alarm Association and Kansas Burglar and Fire Alarm Association.

How Much Security Do I Need?

Our security systems are designed to give you a combination of perimeter and interior protection which can include door sensors, window sensors, motion detectors, glass break coverage and fire protection. The size and layout of your home must be taken into consideration when designing a security system application. All systems should contain door sensors and at least one internal trap. Additional protection should be added to meet the individual needs of the property being protected. Combating today's criminals require sophisticated security systems that are custom tailored for each application.

Alarm Systems and Insurance Premiums.

Arming your property with a security system against theft or burglary could lower your insurance premiums. Insurance companies view the use of alarm systems as a further means of protecting your property and their claim, since your property is less likely to be stolen when an alarm system is in use. Check with your insurance policy about the change of insurance premiums when you install a security system if your policy does not mention security systems, ask your insurance agent about your coverage.

Insurance Discounts

Information on Benefits and Cost.

The cost of a security system should be thought of as an investment, much the same as you would consider your home an investment. After all, "nothing is more important than your home and family" With the security of knowing that your home or property is properly protected, the small investment for a security system is much like that of paying an insurance premium to protect you in case your home burns down. The benefits speak for themselves.

What Are the Benefits of Monitoring?

There is a theory that the neighbor will hear the alarm and will summon the police in case of a break-in. In today's society, people are more on the go and not at home as often as in years past to notice disturbances that occur in their neighborhoods. With our central monitoring system, 24-hour surveillance can be made of your property by computers that keep a record of all your alarm's activities, including the condition of the battery. You can monitor a portable panic button, med alert, or even viewed over the Internet. With this type of monitoring system, the exact area of break-in within your house or business can be easily detected.

Rapid Response Monitoring

How Much Security Do I Need?

It's a fact! -- many burglars are scared off by just the presence of a security system. Burglars attack homes without electronic security three times more often than homes with a system. Maybe you're ready to invest in a home security system. But just what is a "good" system?

A good system covers the entire perimeter and at least one internal trap. It alerts you and lets the intruder know he's been detected. The size and layout of your home or business must be taken into consideration when designing the overall system. Smoke and fire detection equipment should also be taken into account. A good system will prevent, or at least limit damage, and summons the help you need. And it's easy to use. Basic elements of a standard system include: a keypad, control panel, a siren, an inside motion detector, and door contacts. And, of course, the most important final element -- your system must be linked to a central monitoring station. Additional protection should be added to meet the individual needs of the property being protected.

What are the Cost Benefits?

What can you expect to pay to protect your property and family? It's a question homeowners must ask themselves. Generally, there's a security system for every budget. Costs vary. And, it largely depends on which security features you choose, what you want to protect and the region of the country you live in. When you're ready to buy your system, we will charge a one-time installation fee. Plus a monthly fee to have your system monitored.

Choosing the Right Security System.

One of the most common mistakes anyone who is looking for a new security system makes is in thinking that all security systems are alike, and that all of them can do the same job of protecting the home and family. Nothing can be further from the truth. Using better security equipment and designing it around the needs and desired of the property owner, definitely produces a higher degree of protection. The better security equipment has more features that help to make the system easier to use, more secure, and more functional. When using the security system while sleeping, most people prefer to detect the intruder outside the home instead of after they are in the home. Most cookie-cutter security systems miss the mark here because they are generally designed to detect intruders on the inside of the house because the windows usually are not protected. There are many other considerations besides which doors, windows, or other areas should be protected. The heart of the system is the control unit. All of our control units are listed by Underwriter's Laboratories. The better UL Listed Control Units routinely perform electronic checks to make sure everything is okay and report trouble signals to a UL Listed Monitoring Center. Most people prefer the better UL Listed security systems for real peace of mind because they are more reliable. By using the combination of UL Listed Control Units with our UL Listed Monitoring Center, assures that you have the very best. Don't settle for anything less!

Benefits of Home Security.

The growth in the numbers of security systems in recent years has been stupendous. The percentage of people who own electronic security systems has grown to 12 percent of all the households and nearly all businesses in the United States. Some who are thinking about improving their security wonder if electronic security systems are worth the investment. People with electronic security systems will tell them how they wish they had installed their security systems sooner because you can't put a price tag on the protection of your home and family. Security systems help people to feel better by giving them true peace of mind. Security system users have many different stories regarding the reasons why they installed their security systems. One common thing they do have is in the terms of owner's perceptions of security systems. In a recent survey, 98 percent said their security system was very, or somewhat effective. And 96 percent of security owners would recommend security systems to others. People with residential electronic security systems are very pleased with extra protection. They feel safer. When going out, or upon return home, or while sleeping, electronic security system users are ecstatic that there property is protected and that there are fewer possibilities of surprising any unwanted intruders. For extra peace of mind, don't forget to complete the circle of protection by incorporating our professional monitoring center services into the security system. Our professional monitoring operators receive alarm signals and notify local emergency response personnel and the family, friends, or neighbors. Also, fire and medical alert services are available for maximum protection. The installation of security systems compliments the investment of homes. Most insurance companies view the use of electronic security systems as further means of protecting your property and offer discounts because they know your property is less likely to be stolen when a security system is in use. Perhaps, one of the greatest benefits of all is that most burglars don't like security systems and usually go elsewhere.

Bureau of Justice Statistics

Why People Install Home Security Systems.

A combination of steady crime fighters and new technology is fueling the reasons why more and more families are installing affordable electronic home security systems. Most are aware of the criminal activities in their neighborhoods or know someone who has had a break-in. Also, they are aware daytime burglaries occur just as often as in the nighttime. People are looking for better protection than what they're getting with dead-bolt locks, lights, or barking dogs. Upgrading to an electronic security system is one solution. Security systems deter crime. People use them when they're at home or in the office, when away from home on short visits, when at work, or on vacation, or when part of family is away from home. Some people install security systems because there is less activity around the house. The children could be at college or on their own, or you have moved to a rural and the home has become more vulnerable to burglars. Parents find security systems are good for emergency situations with latchkey children at home. More than half of the families use their security systems while sleeping. Many senior citizens install electronic security systems because they live at home alone. Some security system users have trouble hearing and they know most burglars knock on the door before breaking in. They want their security system's loud siren to scare the burglars off. Residential electronic security system owners have more overall peace of mind. They enjoy more freedom when away from home and more independence when at home. They feel safer when coming home to an empty house and more comfortable when sleeping at night. If you're thinking about upgrading your present security situation, the first question you have to ask yourself is, "If a burglar was planning to break into my home, what would be his chances of succeeding?" If you don't like the answer, perhaps you should immediately take the necessary steps to improve your home security. There really is no secret formula for providing good protection for your home and family. All you have to do is persuade any would-be burglar that robbing your house isn't worth the risk of going to jail. The most recognized and best method to accomplish that is with an electronic security system.

Selecting the Alarm and Monitoring Company.

A security system is only as good as the company that monitors it. Choosing the right security company to provide the most reliable security service is actually more important than selecting the right equipment. You'll want to make the right decision in selecting the most professional security company offering the most professional services. After all, we're talking about protecting your most prized possessions, the home and family. We are listed by Underwriter's Laboratories for monitoring both commercial and residential security systems. Trained operators provide supervision of monitored security systems 24 hours a day, and upon receipt of an alarm signal, can notify the police or firefighters. You're able to count on our level of protection to expect because UL engineers periodically insure that all standards are continually maintained. Our dispatched technicians always on duty whereas most other companies try to call someone off-duty to repair faulty systems. That could mean no service available when you need it, longer waits, or a much higher service fee because of over time charges.

Benefits of Electronic Security for Businesses.

Our electronic security system has replaced yesterday's watchman. Modern day security systems with the newer technologies can be designed very simply or for maximum burglary protection. It can provide property protection for occupied or unoccupied buildings. It can control employee access and protect safes, tool cribs, or other particularly vulnerable areas with independent arming or individual access by day and time. We can report on when the system is turned on or off and who did it, assuring on and off-site owners that employees are doing the job they're paid to do. Good security systems create an atmosphere of safety, persuasion, and control that can lessen risks of burglaries and inventory shrinkage. Business owners and managers often add fire protection and depending on the need include access control, closed circuit television, and even streaming video feeds via the internet, with the burglary protection. A security system designed by our professionals can pay for itself by reducing the losses that affect the profitability of the business, therefore protecting the livelihood of everyone. The bottom-line in selecting any good security system is in choosing the most professional security company to provide the necessary services because a security system is only as good as the company that monitors it. We are that company. The most reliable protection service is when the alarm signal is transmitted from the protected premises to our monitoring facility that is UL-Listed and Factory Mutual Approved. There, trained operators provide supervision, record keeping and maintenance of monitored security systems 24 hours a day. Upon receipt of an alarm signal, operators can notify the police or firefighters and business owner or manager, and, if needed, dispatch alarm investigators to the protected premises.